Welcome to Fuzzy Lolllipop, one of the Hudson Valley's favorite bands for kids and families. We pride ourselves on creating songs that are cool for kids and even cooler for adults! We have awesome beats that'll get you dancing, and beautiful soaring harmonies. But don't take our word for it, look at all the things you can find here! CD's, lyrics, mp3's, photos! Stick around!

Here's the latest news! We are playing at Rosendale Street Festival this July 18 at 4pm~ so glad to be part of this fantastic community festival that is free of charge and full of fun!

We continue to write songs...and practice songs...and wow, it's going great. We sure are prolific these days. We have enough songs now for....3 new CD's probably!

For a free download of our newest recording, "Long Car Rides," go to the MEDIA ACCESS page, and then type TREAT in the password box.*** This is also available at fuzzylollipop.bandcamp.com so you can share it with your friends or embed it!

Check out our calendar page, and also please Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter@fuzzylollipop1. Sign in to our guestbook so we can be friends! Thanks!

Family-Friendly Links

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